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Diary of a Mad Black Woman


Jackson Newsome

...a serious take on Norbit...

Diary of a Mad Black Woman
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I've been a little bit nice lately, right? Well, unfortunately (or it could be fortunately) you will have to read another half-way positive review. Diary reflects the seriousness of betrayal while mixing in some cheap laughs involving Tyler Perry dressed as an old woman. You don't hear me complaining though!

Shortly after the intro, you find yourself in the shoes of Helen, a happily (or so she thinks) married woman who has everything. This all comes crumbling down when her husband of eighteen years leaves her for his mistress. Now that she is broke and homeless, Helen must turn to the only relative that will take her in, "her" grandmother Madea.

You may not think that this would be considered a comedy, but I assure you it is. From Madea's violent mood swings to the elderly getting high, I found myself laughing even when others weren't. There is a bit of drama, and (a lot of) romance that makes the periods that you can rest your sides enjoyable. Most people will be able to find at least one thing that they enjoy about this film. If you want a serious take on Norbit, then watch this film. If you wish to see a ridiculously large woman with no moral teachings in between jokes, then I suggest you watch Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

My Rating = Three and a Half Stars

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