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The Da Vinci Code


Jackson Newsome


The Da Vinci Code
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The Da Vinci Code, as many book-to-film stories are, was disappointing. Yet again they chopped up a masterpiece just so they could fit it in a two hour limit. Not everyone wants to sit through a four hour movie, but they could have pulled a Kill Bill. Actually, I'm being a little too harsh. Most of the great parts in the book were represented, but the excitement just wasn't there.

Robert Langdon (Hanks) becomes a suspect in a murder case while in Paris. After questioning, he must escape with Sophie Neveu (the victim's daughter and cryptologist) and learn of the conspiracy surrounding a secret society dating back to Sir Isaac Newton. The duo must race across Europe and discover the answer behind the mystery before the truth gets in the wrong hands.

As always, if you haven't read the book (and plan to) don't watch the film first. It won't make any sense. If you want a comparison, think National Treasure except more painful. The bottom line is that the condensed version of the story doesn't work. While reading, Dan Brown convinced me of what was going on and why I needed to get to the finish line first. I was drawn into what was happening. That magic disappeared. If you don't enjoy reading and you want to see what all the controversy is about, then go ahead and rent it. It isn't that bad.

My Rating = One Star

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