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Jackson Newsome

...better than you might think...

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A movie based on a board game may not sound promising, but this 80s film is better than you might think. All of your favorite characters from the game are present. From Miss Scarlet's attitude to Col. Mustard's seriousness they will immerse you from the start. The butler is my personal favorite though. His swiftness is what makes him so hysterical. He will jump from one event to another only to occasionally slow down to let you catch up on the jokes. The pacing at times can be a bit fast, but after a while you get adjusted to it.

On a stormy night, the butler greets all of your familiar color inspired characters into a vast mansion. They have all been invited to a dinner, but no one knows why...until they do. The butler informs them that they are all being black mailed. During his talk, the power goes out, and a man appears dead on the couch. Everyone is shaken up yet they pull together to solve the murder mystery.

This film appeals a little to everybody. It has drama, comedy, mystery, and even a little bit of horror. Yes, it's age does show a little, but you will get every bit of what you paid for. After all, you could probably find this gem in a bargain bin, right? With three endings, an amazing cast, imaginative script, and so many twists and turns that your head will spin, how could you even dream of not seeing this classic?

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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