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Click (2006) Since I haven't tackled an Adam Sandler movie yet, I thought I would start with a fairly recent one. I Now Pronounce You, Chuck and Larry does look funny, but unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to see it. My review for this may be a little biased because I really don't like some of his movies. That could be because he uses the same gag in everyone of them and it has been old since Mr. Deeds. I can only hope that his new release with Kevin James (who will save it regardless) will be much better than the last few years.

Overworked architect Michael Newman (Sandler) finds an universal remote that lends him the ability to rewind, pause, and fast forward. When forced to make the choice between a promotion and a family vacation, he uses his new gadget to his advantage. The device begins to malfunction and fast forwards randomly. Only when his life has passed him by, does he realize how much he had sacrificed for his career.

I would like to tell you this film wasn't repetitive, dull, or sappy. Yet, I feel obligated since I am reviewing this movie. The main problem I had with this film is Adam Sandler's temper tantrums and the way he got all emotional at the end. It was like watching American Pie and then switching over to The Notebook. It just wasn't right. If you like any of his previous films you will likely find some enjoyment out Click. If not, well, then watch something else!

My Rating = One Star

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