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Catch and Release


Jackson Newsome

"...dull, predictable, and lacking..."

Catch and Release
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I absolutely adored Erin Brockovich so, I expected this movie to be just as appealing. That taught me a lesson about assuming. This train wreck was nearly unwatchable except for a few scenes that lead you to believe the film is going somewhere. BRRRNN! Wrong answer!

Gray Wheeler's (Garner) fiancÚ is killed. I wish I could tell you why, but the movie decided against letting us know. Devastated, Gray begins to go through his things to remember the "good" times when she finds his cell phone displaying ten missed calls. Naturally, she investigates and discovers his lover and a child he failed to mention. Believe me when I say that it sounds a whole lot better on paper.

Catch and Release was all that I had expected it to be; dull, predictable, and lacking the story department. It may have actually been good if the story was in the correct order, or if it had one to begin with. Jennifer Garner was charming when the script allowed it and Smith was as good as you could expect, but Susannah Grant should have done something to bring this film's script out of the grave. Unfortunately, directors are often blinded because they are unable to criticize their own work.

My Rating = One and a Half Stars

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