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Brokeback Mountain


Jackson Newsome

Brokeback Mountain is emotional in every aspect...

Brokeback Mountain
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You knew this was coming. A movie that received high praise and caused much controversy would eventually pop up. Brokeback Mountain is emotional in every aspect and the number of awards alone should, on some level, compel you to watch this masterpiece if you haven't already.

This film takes place in 1963 Texas and Wyoming where conservative minds rule the land. Two men meet after they accept a job herding sheep during one fateful summer. Unexpectedly, their friendship turns into a torrid affair and makes that summer one they will never forget. Later in life, Jack (Gyllenhaal) returns to Ennis (Ledger), but theirs wives stand in the way of their happiness.

Yes, these men are homosexuals, and yes, there is kissing (and at one point more than kissing), but I promise you guys won't get too turned on. Both actors portray their characters with much more passion than any other film that appears on their resumé. They most certainly deserved their awards, but I cannot leave out the wives wonderful portrayal in some of the most heart wrenching scenes. Don't be surprised when you find that you are crying when the credits roll. This is the first time I have given out a perfect score and Brokeback Mountain deserves it.

My Rating = Five Stars

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