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Spider-Man 3


Jackson Newsome

...not the best movie...

Spider-Man 3
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I am sure none of you have heard of this series, but I thought I would write a review anyway. Spider-Man 3 is not the best movie you'll see this year. Heck, it probably won't even come close. Don't get me wrong though. I am an avid Spider-Man fan and I know what I want in the movies.

Spider-Man (Maguire) has become an icon in the city of New York. They can rest assured that the city is safe. That is, until three villains decide that is it a good time to run amok. An escaped convict, Flint Marko (Church), becomes a freakish science experiment when he gets trapped inside of a laboratory's test site. Sand particles become fused with his body allowing him to manipulate it however he wishes. Some of you my may celebrate the return of the glider and pumpkin bombs, but I don't. Was it really necessary to bring a villain (Franko) on screen for three minutes, only to have him fall unconscious with no trace of memory? Finally, the fan-favorite Venom makes his film debut. He was actually my favorite. The CGI was amazing and this Spidey-foe actually fit into the plot.

As all of this is happening, Mary Jane (Dunst) is dismissed from her newest Broadway show, a foreign intergalactic goo lands on Earth and finds a new home on Peter's skin, the police have found who was truly responsible for Uncle Ben's murder, and Peter finds a new love interest much to Mary Jane's dismay. If they could have spread this plot out over the next few movies it would have been excellent. It was just too much to absorb. The director (Raimi) attempted to please everyone, but he ended up pleasing few. All of the special effects in the world could have saved Spider-Man 3 from its own plot.

My Rating = Two and One Half Stars

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