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Marci X


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...won't let go easily.

Marci X
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Marci X didn't really see a lot of theater play and at first only a handful of movie rental stores carried it, but once I had a hold of it you won't let go easily. Lisa Kudrow(Friends) plays as a spoiled, rich, Jewish woman that lives in Manhattan. Her father falls ill and she is forced to confront a rapper(Wayans), who has caused controversy with his song "Shoot Ya Teacha". From the get-go this movie will have you laughing hysterically with scenes such as Kudrow rapping about purses, a fundraiser to help children without feeling in their arms, and a Wayans appearing on a commercial with a gay boy band.

You have to have a certain type of humor to fully appreciate Marci X. If you enjoyed the ditsy blond on Friends then you will enjoy her once again on film. Some of the stuff in the movie has been shared from others, but there wouldn't be any movies at all if we didn't copy sometimes. The movie drags a little bit between the middle and end, but besides that I really don't have any problems at all.

My Rating = Four Stars

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