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The Number 23


Jackson Newsome

...lack of creativity...

The Number 23
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There seems to be a trend in Hollywood recently. When there is a good leading role (Jim Carrey), good concept, and a fairly decent director and the movie stills sucks, there may be a problem. It seems as if the script writers decided to throw in every cliché imaginable such as: flashbacks, an unoriginal ending, and the main character seeing hallucinations were enough to put me to sleep.

Here’s the deal:

Walter Sparrow (Carrey) receives a book called; you guessed it, The Number 23 as a gift from his wife. The book, written by Topsy Kretts (it made me cringe too), tells the story of Fingerling’s life. The Number 23 soon becomes more than a quick read and he starts finding the number twenty-three everywhere. His social security number, house address, birthday, and freckles on his arm all match up to be twenty-three. I may have lied about the last one but you understand. The story progression (what of it that is there) is painfully slow. I was on the edge of my seat, and it wasn’t because I was enjoying myself. It was because praying that it would be over soon.

Even though I would never see this movie again, I do have to admit that it had me watching clocks and adding up everything I could to see if it equaled twenty-three. If you are a die-hard fan of Jim Carrey, don’t see this film. It will only disappoint you.

This may not be a trend. Could it be that originality was just a fad? Fortunately (for us), that isn’t an excuse this movie can use. The only thing to blame is laziness and lack of creativity.

My Rating = One & a Half Star

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