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The Queen (2006)

…you will be captivated…

The Queen
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Families are a peculiar thing. It doesn't matter if you are poor, rich, or even royalty. You are always going to have bickering amongst each other, and you must accept it to live [somewhat] happily with each other. That may be one The Queen's best qualities. All of the characters feel human. At certain points, you may even feel like you were in the film. I found myself getting uncomfortable in the Queen's presence, and I found often caught myself thinking of the proper protocol. During the intro, Helen Mirren unflinchingly looks into the camera and gives you a look that says, "I am the boss. This is my movie. I am in control."

After Princess Diana's death, Queen Elizabeth II (Mirren) sits in her cozy palace while she watches the world around her mourn. Since Diana was no longer a part of the royal family, she cannot fathom why anyone would ask her to give her the funeral that would top anything ever done before. As she is stuck in the past, Tony Blair, the new Prime Minister must convince the Queen that the public deserves to be a part of a memorial service. The film allows you to go behind the scenes as they both deal with their own feelings while pleasing the public.

The Queen has a few clips here and there of Princess Diana which are surprisingly well-edited. The only scene with Diana that isn't real footage is the actual moment of her death. You don't see her body, but you do see the car crash. This has to be one of the best scripts ever written. Helen Mirren really doesn't care if you like her or not even though by the end you will be captivated. Her elegance is amazing and after seeing her interviews in real life, I realize how much work actually went into this role. If you are afraid of a dull movie about government this is not it. You are probably referring to a documentary of some sort. This is, after all, a fictional account of what was going on behind closed doors. So, for anyone who likes gossip this is for you.

My Rating = Four Stars

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