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Bookstores - File #28
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Bookstores - File #28



ZIP - 01257

Dramatis Personae Booksellers
Sheffield, MA 01257
Phone: (413) 229-7735
TradingTrading for a Living : Psychology, Trading Tactics, Money Management (Wiley Finance Edition)

by Dr. Alexander Elder, Alexander Elder

289 Pages

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Mott Howard S Inc Rare Books And Autographs
S Main
Sheffield, MA 01257
Phone: (413) 229-2019
The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory

by Brian R. Greene

448 Pages

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Option Indigo Press
Under Mountain Rd
Sheffield, MA 01257
Phone: (413) 229-8727
TheThe Y2K Personal Survival Guide : Everything You Need to Know to Get from This Side of the Crisis to the Other

by Michael S. Hyatt


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Kininmoth David
237 S Main St
Sheffield, MA 012579632
Phone: (413) 229-0122
TheThe Greatest Generation

by Tom Brokaw

412 Pages

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Berkshire Book Company
510 S Main St
Sheffield, MA 012579633
Phone: (413) 229-0122
TheThe Electronic Day Trader

by Marc Friedfertig(Preface), George West (Preface)

208 Pages

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