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Modern Surrealistic Art

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T.W. Rutledge lives and works in Bandon on the beautiful south coast of the state of Oregon. He is a well known illustrator of archaeological sites. His work has appeared in the National Geographic.

Terry Rutledge's Work

If you wish to comment to the artist, email to:
willy@dreamagic.com (Willy Chaplin)

We are very pleased to introduce the work of John Flomer. Mr. Flomer is an old friend from our hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Originally from Ridgemont, NY, he studied Photography/Video/Film/Design at Minneapolis College of Art & Design. His wife, Midori, one of the very first female sushi chefs in the world, works at Midori's Floating World, a a wonderful sushi cafe at the corner of 27th and Lake in Minneapolis. If you are in town, visit for lunch. You will NOT be disappointed. BTW, many of his orgiinal paintings are hung in this cafe.

John is also a talented musician. His music site...John Flomer - Spotted Peccary Muisc recording artist...contains music, reviews and interviews. His picture on that sight shows what a cutey he was back in the day.

If you want to find out more about John, visit John on FaceBook.

If you are interested in purchasing any of his or any other's paintings or reproductions, please contact willy@dreamagic.com (Willy Chaplin), the Webmaster of this site.

We are very pleased to introduce the work of Raśl Ochoa. Mr. Ochoa is from the island nation of Cuba. His residence and workplace are in Havana.

His biographical information is given both in English and in Spanish.

If you are interested in purchasing any of his or any other's paintings, please contact willy@dreamagic.com (Willy Chaplin), the Webmaster of this site.

We are pleased to introduce the work of Donald Sykes. Mr. Sykes lives in Baltimore, Maryland, and is married with two children. He is a self-taught artist and primarly works in watercolors and mixed media. He worked as an art director for many years in the advertising industry but found that it did not appeal to his style of art. He continues to create watercolors and now also create sculptures in mixed media.

Mr. Sykes now has his own impressive website. Click on the image to the right to go there and see for yourself.

We are very pleased to add the work of Amy E. Fraser to this site. Her provocative, colorful images evoke intense emotion. These powerful paintings boldly express intimate and often painful views of the female experience. Ancient iconography is re-envisioned to depict modern womanhood from a fresh feminist perspective. The focus of the work is to celebrate, inspire and empower women. She also maintains a site of her own where you can find out more about her, including her impressive credentials.

We are again pleased to introduce the work of a new artist, Scott Castro. Mr. Castro lives in Los Angeles, California. Please click on the image to the left.

Abstract Art Paintings

Abstract art gallery with paintings, biographies and art history. Featuring lesser known, but groundbreaking abstract artists.

We urge you to visit the Gallery of Nick and Jenny Cudworth in London, England. Click on the image ot the left to get some idea of what is in store for you.

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