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Paintings How to Paint Abstract Art --- Contact: Eajaz Aju --- Painting abstract art is easy if you know how to do it.
canvazOil paintings Reproduction Service - Custom Portrait Paintings --- Contact: Shamin --- Oil painting shop, offering portrait painting service and real art pieces at flat cost.
ArtsCadArtsCad --- Contact: Lauren - ArtsCad.com manager --- ArtsCad is an Art Gallery open to all Artists. Fine art galleries of Contemporary arts. An online arts community dedicated to exhibiting the works of emerging and talented artists from around the world.
artstruckArt Struck --- Contact: Support --- Located in the North Georgia Mountain town of Blue Ridge, we represent 24 emerging and mid-career artists from the U.S. and abroad.
buy_artBuy-Original-Art.com --- Contact: Julia Nasmith --- Online art galleries directory. A portal to learn about buying art online. Art galleries reviews, expert advice, and much more...
Studio W --- Studio W --- The largest art gallery south of Sant Fe in New Mexico. Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Usrey.
La Galeria --- La Galeria --- Beautiful realist paintings from Mexico. All were done by a Mexican woman, Ma. Victoria Salmones G. Her work is done in watercolors and her paintings are for sale.
DawnMichael Kipling Csontos --- Michael Kipling Csontos --- Born - Manhatten, NY 1951. Grew up on 300 acre farm with an appreciation of nature. Started professional endeavors in 1974 with art shows, galleries and small museum showings in several states. In 1985 started contemplative paintings to be the main feature of a book titled The Incredible Surrealism Of Csontos. This, and a second volume (1990) are displayed on this site.
HunterAbstract Art and Genetics --- Contact: Nancy Enright --- View the oil paintings in Hunter O'Reilly's Abstract Faces Series that have been shown internationally. Find out how genetics connects to the creation of Hunter's abstract art. View hats that Hunter wears to art openings.
LightThe Work of Robert A. D'Elia --- Contact: Robert A. D'Elia --- The work of Mr. D'Elia is featured on this site. He works in acrylic and does both realist and surrealist painting.
LightOil Painting Gallery and Fine Art Gallery --- Contact: Owen --- Original oil paintings on canvas and frames. Animal art, landscape painting and roman art. Paintings can be custom made.
NaughtyMirandaNaughty Miranda --- Contact: Quinno Martin --- 3D art site, featuring the tools of the trade as well as a gallery of sample art and animations.

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