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Biographical Information

Biographical Information

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Raúl Arsenio Ochoa Pena. He was born in Havana, capital of the Republic of Cuba on the 30th day of August of 1956, is 51 years of age; he works with a family but has other economic possibilities. He is living in Cuba now. He professes the Catholic religion and has been married for 19 years. Their only daughter was born Juliette Ochoa González. She is concluding her studies in Documental Administration (the conservation of documents with all the necessary supports. She, at the moment, performs such duties in a museum.)

Raúl studied his primary studies in two schools near his home in the Quarter of The Places. He finished the primary teaching course, continued studies in the secondary teaching, where he met other students fond of the plastic arts and who also demonstrate interest in the theater. They all participated in several student events related with the plastic arts and also alternated in a small theater group for students in the Basic High School where they studied. Raúl's interest in painting increased and he concentrated on the most exact realism, and enjoyed the astonishment and the praise of many people. He improved the changes in nature as it filters through the senses and expressed this with his painting, sometimes copying landscapes and cities in detail and other times interpreting them. The friends of his family admired his work and they motivated him to study painting.

Some months before concluding his secondary studies, he attempted the entrance exams sponsored by the School of Fine Arts San Alejandro, was accepted, and began the studies in the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro in the month of September in 1973. He passed the exams in painting, drawing, sculpture, design, engraving, perspective, aesthetics and other basic subjects of that specialty. Stimulated and influenced by his sculpture professor's talent, he became interested in that art and for a while practice sculpture. When it seemed that his vocation sculpture would be final choice, he changed his mind and decided to specialize in painting. He graduated in the specialties of painting and drawing in the month of July of 1977.

He received an employment offer in a culture house as instructor of plastic arts, but this vocation was not consolidated and he preferred the practice of his specialty in the scenery shops and atrezzo (the set of necessary elements to represent scenery) in a company that administered to all the theaters of Cuba, later on accepted the position of teaching classes in the house of culture of Municipality Hill, where he began to carry out his personal work, which gave him a lot of experience. He also worked in other culture houses in Havana City and, in the year 2005, acquired a professorship in drawing in the new school of art instructors.

Raúl Ochoa, after graduation, was installed in the Creator's of Works of Plastic Arts Registration and Applied which was associated with the Center of Development of the Visual Arts and the Ministry of the Culture, which allowed him experience in the educational profession and commercialization through another institution F.C.B.C. only in the country to market the works of art of the Cuban artists, it also offered the right to a social security, protecting the royalties of the artists on their works and from other administrations of the process from trips to the exterior or work contracts.

After Raúl Ochoa had acquired experience, the influence of painting scenery stayed in his personal work showing with more force in the urban landscape and later in interpreting nature offering through the senses, the change and the alienation until the creation of a different landscape: idealized, new and only for him, transforming his environment into a magical mixture of exalted colors formed in undulant lines, wrapped in an atmosphere of transparencies of leaves and roofs that appear of the same bottom of the canvas and they disappear as the spirits.

He continued to modify and change concluding with a new expression: digital art and calculation. He entered into a new creative stage, surrendering to its own spiritual, social contractions and materials as it tries to look for an answer to the human being's necessities. There he never had the three characters of the religious mission fulfilled. Left unsatisfied as a social project and man in abandonment of all missions, mixing the modern techniques with the most traditional. He approached drawing with an expressive variant that puts him on the road to challenge and polemic. Then as an outcome of this consecration, he obtained first prize in drawing, in two important contests of painting and drawing

The obtained prizes were:

His work is exposed and marketed during the last few years in the Galleries Victor Manuel located in the historical part of the city (Old Havana) and in the Gallery of Shipyard in the county of Matanzas. This gallery exposed his work in a collective sample with other Cuban artists in Norway, for the owner's of the Gallery invitation Vesteralen Mr. Antón Johnsen.

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