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How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?

Gypsy & Willy

No. 243

But, but...Oprah is a WOMAN!

October 18, 1999

As the parents of ten daughters as well as several children and grandchildren who are not-completely-white, the issues of racism and sexism have been important for us for many decades. Thus, when we suggested Oprah Winfrey for President three weeks ago (see: Oprah for President?), we expected negative reaction from some quarters to both her race and gender. Indeed, when Gypsy was the Minnesota State Caucus coordinator for the Jesse Jackson primary campaign of 1988, his race was almost the ONLY topic she had to deal with, day in and day out. Not only was his bid for the presidency seen as "marginal" by the media, the bickering within the Rainbow Coalition over which stripe of the rainbow was most "important" grew to a cacophony as it became apparent that Jesse was going to give Dukakis a run for his money in Minnesota.

Historical Note: who or what, you might ask, is a "Dukakis?" It sounds like the name of medicine used to induce vomiting, or a stage of potty training, but is actually the name of the candidate who couldn't even beat George Bush, as lame a Vice President and as much of a lusterless chump as the current Demidupe SOB...Somewhat Of a Bore...Al, the Pal, Gore.

To our profound surprise and delight, we have heard NOT A SINGLE WORD about Oprah's race...not from the radio, the TV, the press, the internet or in the extensive collection of email we have on the subject! This does NOT mean, of course, that racism is dead, but only that some profound changes have taken place and are taking place as we close out the Second Millennium. Thank you, Jesse Jackson!

Oprah's gender, on the other hand, is not only an issue, it appears to be THE defining issue of her potential candidacy. A majority of those signing up to work for her are women and, although we have received many letters critical of our support for her candidacy, NOT ONE SINGLE NEGATIVE LETTER came from a female!

Historical Note: Gypsy is reminded of the campaign of 1984, when Geraldine Ferraro was Walter Mondale's running mate. At the time, the Big Buzz was that a woman, because of her monthly hormonal rights, could not be trusted to be emotionally stable enough to run the government, especially the military. "Gimme a break!" exclaims the better half of our writing team, "Men are menstruating EVERY DAY! At the first gentle tweak of their fragile male egos, testosterone courses through their system, often creating irrational and dangerous states of mind far worse than PMS."

"Don't get me wrong." she hastily adds. "I am not AGAINST hormonally challenged males running for office, it's just that you have to keep a close eye on them, to make sure they don't blow it...(wink)(wink)..."

Typical of male comments is the one posted...by a Buchanan supporter...on our Oprah for President bulletin board, which damns Oprah with faint praise for doing an "admirable job in hosting the top rated talk show for housewives." The implication being, of course, that Pat Buchanan appeals to a much broader audience than "mere" housewives. Yah, right! In order to qualify for Pat's Army, you have to be so narrow minded you can look through a keyhole with BOTH EYES! Besides, both Paul and Willy, the originators of the Draft Oprah for President movement, are HOUSEHUSBANDS, and resent the implication of "mere."

Even more common are simple statements like "Are you nuts?" or "This must be a joke!" Most men, however, pay lip service to the "issues" as their reasons for not supporting her. They dispute our contention that she would drain some of the testosterone from the system by her presidency, pointing to iron-maiden rulers of the past like the "Bloody Queens" of England. Get real, Dudes! Those women presided over systems that were run almost completely by men. They were basically figureheads, monarchs only because, by accident of fate, they had no brothers!

We have also been accused by our readers of being "sell-outs" since we normally support libertarian candidates and the Libertarian Party. So that there be no confusion, libertarianism is our guiding political philosophy, NOT OUR RELIGION! Even if Oprah were nothing more than a do-gooder liberal...and both her history and quoted statements suggest that she is actually a strong believer both in personal initiative and non-governmental solutions to problems...excellent libertarian credentials...but, even if she WERE a Nanny state liberal, her election to the Presidency would de facto liberate that 80% of the adult voting population who are NOT WHITE MALES! Not a bad ROI (Return On Investment), if you ask us.

One male writer did make a reference to Oprah's girth, which as most know, ranges from pleasingly-plump to pleasingly-plumper. He suggested that the media would mostly become obsessed with a President Winfrey's weight, "Can she take it off? Can she hold it down?" Tell me, dear readers, would this REALLY be LESS interesting than whether George Dubya snorted some toot and danced naked on a table...or whether Al Gore invented the Internet or not?

Actually, despite the "crash" of media attention last week when it comes to "coverage" of a possible Oprah candidacy, we have by no means given up hope. While CNN and ABC are lumping her with "the rest of those kooks" in the Reform Party and discouraging people from taking her seriously, our own feelers into the community suggest that people are still talking about her as a potential presidential candidate a LOT, especially service workers on the job. Also, the customers in the diner where Gypsy works, who aren't as tuned to media blah-blah as we, still think she would make AS GOOD A PRESIDENT AS ANYONE ELSE RUNNING!

As far as we can tell, the only real stumbling block to Oprah's becoming President is her own unwillingness to express any interest in the job. Gypsy cautions that if she remains adamant, there is no way whatsoever that we could force her to do it. Willy and Paul, on the other hand, can not believe that Oprah isn't just a wee bit tempted by the chance to become an historically significant person.

Our youngest daughter Miranda, herself having just come through some pretty severe lessons in the "gender wars," suggests, crudely, that Oprah might simply be "chicken." "Why should she get off her butt and do all the hard work, run all the risks that Presidents have to take, when what she is already doing has made her famous and extremely rich?" she asks.

Why, indeed...

Talk to you later...

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