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How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?

Gypsy & Willy

No. 242

Nurture the alternatives.

October 11, 1999

When we published a column advocating a draft of Oprah Winfrey for President on the reform Party ticket (see Oprah for President?) a couple of weeks ago, we expected a favorable response, but nothing like what actually happened! Here is a short chronology of the anatomy of a Web based presidential campaign.

  • Monday, Sept. 27: Column published, first draft of Oprah for President Web site posted.
  • Thursday, Sept. 30: The Minneapolis Star/Tribune publishes first article breaking the story.
  • Saturday, Oct. 2: Willy's 63rd birthday. The Minneapolis Star/Tribune publishes followup article covering a number of potential Reform Party candidates.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 5: The Chicago Sun/Times, one of Oprah's hometown papers, publishes an article on the subject.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 6: The Minneapolis Star/Tribune publishes yet another article summarizing the Sun/Times story.
  • Thursday, Oct. 7: The story breaks out into the national and international media. Radio and TV stations all over the world running Oprah for President stories along with mention of our Web site. CNN not only discusses the subject in their regular political shows, but periodically flashes an image of the Oprah site along with the URL of the Dream Machine master home page (http://www.dreamagic.com). Both Rush Limbaugh and Jay Leno decide to mention the Oprah for President effort on their respective shows. Donald Trump, who made news this day by forming an "exploratory" committee for his run for President, further enhances Oprah's image by announcing that he would like her as his Vice Presidential candidate. On the site, two Norwegians announce THEIR support for an Oprah candidacy!
  • Saturday, Oct. 8: By the weekend, the mention of Oprah as a possible presidential candidate becomes routine. Every political talk show in the broadcast media is talking about it. Questioning people "on the street," from check-out-person at the supermarket to retired truck driver, EVERYONE has heard the word and an astonishing high number say they would vote for her, that despite the obvious risk of electing a celebrity to such a high office, she would be "much better than what we have now!" The next big turning point will be when they take a national poll putting Oprah head to head with the Crown Princes. Our informal polls were returning...from all over the country...results anywhere from 50% to 80% positive! We would be VERY surprised if Oprah didn't garner over 40% of the potential vote. But, given our experience with Ventura's campaign, 20% would be quite sufficient to propel her to "contender" status.

  • When we published the original article advocating Oprah for President on the Reform Party ticket, our plan was to quietly ramp up support on the Web until the beginning of November and then present our case to the other media, to the leaders of the Reform Party and to Oprah herself. However, the up-welling of support came so quickly that the site isn't even listed in the major search engines yet, leading many to be unable to locate it. Furthermore, a malicious hacker-attack on our ISP, Minnesota OnLine, a couple of weeks ago has disabled the directory services all over the world so that many domains can not reach our site. Finally, the blacklisting of Minnesota OnLine and The Dream Machine (for alleged spamming) has further crippled the incoming traffic to our sites. We expect to emerge from this tangle of glitches sometime this week.

    Meanwhile, the most common question we are receiving from viewers is why do we think it is important for women to become national and international leaders? We answer as follows.

    One of the key differences between male dominated social situations and those dominated by females is the notion of "nurture." When men see problems, they confront them, like knights going into battle. Thus, we have the "War on Poverty," the "War on Illiteracy," the "War on Drugs," etc., etc....not to mention simply "war." Everything is seen as a contest or battle through male testosterone filtered perceptions.

    But women, perhaps by nature but certainly by training, tend to look for ways to "nurture the alternatives," much as mothers all over the world seek gentle and productive alternatives for the natural tendency of their children to raise hell. Thus, women seek ways to enhance the earning capacity of the poor, to teach the illiterate how to read, to guide people to better ways to get high than using drugs. And of course, they have always, throughout history, sought ways to nurture peace rather than wage war.

    So if Oprah Winfrey were to become our chief executive, not only would she liberate that majority of the population...women...that has, until now, been excluded from the highest levels of power and all those whose skin color is a few shades darker than ours (the author's), but also introduce a qualitative shift in the way we, as a people, approach the solutions to our most vexing national problems.

    So, Ms. Winfrey is not, like Margaret Thatcher or queens of old, simply a front woman for a clique of ruling males. Unlike the Beeble Boys, she can put together a coherent, meaningful declarative sentence without hedging her bets six ways from sideways. Furthermore, that sentence will contain the TRUTH, a decidedly missing ingredient in current political discourse. Successful in her own right, by her own devices, she stands for self reliance and hard work. She is beholden to no moneyed interests, takes orders from no one. Just the right medicine for the start of a new millennium.

    Then there is this (with apologies to the writers of Bullworth):

    If you live in America and you wanna be free,
    You got to get away from the S.O.B.'s,
    We got a Son Of a Bush, who used to be a lush,
    We got Somewhat Of a Bore, by the name of Al Gore,
    But, along with your freedom comes res-pon-si-bil-it-y,
    To shake their sorry asses from the money tree!
    When Al and George Dubya sat their Daddies' knee,
    He promised them e-ven-tu-al pres-i-den-cy.

    "All we gotta do is raise a big pile of money,
    Then do some simple chores to show appreciation, Honey!
    When asked a direct question, look 'em right in the eye,
    And talk about moth-er-hood and apple pie,
    Just as long as they don't catchya in a down and out lie,
    Sure you used those drugs! But...you didn't get HIGH!"

    So why we want to lay the mantle on a man can't hold a candle,
    to Ms. Oprah Winfrey?
    Why waste your vote, My Friend, on an ob-vi-ous dead end,
    when Ms. Oprah set you free?
    You go, Girl!
    It's your show, Girl!
    You go, Girl!
    It's your show, Girl!

    Talk to you later...

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