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How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?

Gypsy & Willy

No. 238


The End is Near?

September 10, 1999

This may be the very last time you will have a chance to read what we write on the Internet. We are on the verge of being expelled by our ISP, Minnesota Online, and if they do, our financial situation will not allow us to continue on the Net. You see, Minnesota Online not only hosted us...and all the rest of our popular sites, Teen Movie Critic, Teen Movie Critic - II, The Web Poetry Corner, Letters from Mexico, The Gift of Youth, Modern Surrealistic Art, etc....but, has done it absolutely free of charge as well. However, our ISP is being threatened with a complete upstream shutdown of their traffic unless they "do something about us." Obviously this would put THEM out of business and neither we nor they can afford to risk that. So, they have "requested" that we completely cease "bulk email" and "flames". The only alternative, should we refuse, is to be expelled from the Net.

However, we have done nothing illegal, immoral or even rude...except when people insisted on being rude with us. Nor has our ISP done anything illegal, immoral or rude. Nevertheless, we completely understand why our ISP can not "tolerate" our politically incorrect behavior. For we, Gypsy and Willy, are not the only ones with dreams. The people who have built Minnesota Online into the local powerhouse ISP that it is also have dreams and, right now, ours conflict with theirs.

However, for us to give in to these cyber-terrorists is to give up the very principles that motivated us to start publishing this column on the Web in the first place, almost five long years ago. Thus, we will eventually "refuse" to comply and our ISP will banish us from cyberspace. But, not before we make a last attempt to bring some reason to this debate about spam. As it stands, the anti-spammers are on the verge of limiting freedom of speech on the Net to only that which is "approved" by self-appointed guardians of Internet decency. While, like almost everyone else, we find spam to be a damned nuisance, it is our considered opinion that to attempt to limit it in this way can only result in complete destruction of our...ALL of our...first amendment rights.

For now, it appears that the terrorists have won. But, maybe, just maybe...in the long run...we will...

Talk to you later...

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Would you like to help? Since writing to the government is a total waste of time...at best they will come up with some silly new law that will only make things worse...the best bet is probably to write directly to the cyber-vigilantes themselves. Here's a few addresses of those responsible for getting us expelled.

You might also drop Steve Camp a line. He is the saint who owns our ISP and who has so generously supported our site, through thick and thin, until this latest, overwhelming threat to his business. We simply can't thank him enough. Please help us, by expressing YOUR appreciation for what he and his company have done.

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