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How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?

Gypsy & Willy

No. 230

A Judgement Call

July 26, 1999

The media treatment of the Kennedy "tragedy" this week...implying that it's another of those terrible things that just seem to happen to the Kennedy family...through no fault of their own, of course...has been shameful, cowardly and, for the most part, dishonest. It is not that we do not feel for the relatives and friends of these unfortunate souls, especially the parents of the two young women who were on the plane. We can conceive of no worse event than the death of a child. But we have...and the rest of the media SHOULD have...quite a different opinion of the Kennedy "legacy."

Let's see now. It began with Joe Sr. amassing an immense fortune, largely by illegal dealings as a "Don" in the so-called Irish Mafia, peddling booze and what-all during prohibition days. He is also widely credited with triggering the great stock market crash of 1929...but, he himself came out of it smelling like a rose, doncha know?

Then, when his eldest son, Joe Jr., was killed in WW II, a tragedy shared by only about 60,000,000 other families around the world, he shifted his life goal from buying the presidency for Number One Son, to buying it for Number Two Son, John F. Kennedy. And buy it he did, with a little help from his thuggish "friends"...including the Italian Mafia...whom he subsequently double crossed...no honor among thieves, doncha know? This was after he had purchased a Harvard education for his boy, something he repeated for all the other brothers, including the first nearly spherical man, Senator Edward Kennedy.

While in office, JFK first treated us to the beginnings of the Vietnam War, heralded by the from-the-top-approved assassination of Ngo Dien Diem...a Vietnamese dictator that couldn't quite cut the anti-communist muster. There was also the farce at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba which led eventually to the Cuban Missile Crisis, a battle of who-has-the-biggest nuclear penis which, as a sidebar, threatened annihilation of the entire human race. Why? All because Fidel Castro, personally, politically and sociologically menaced by his good neighbor to the north, was forced to pay the extremely high premiums of the only insurance company for revolutions in the world, the former Soviet Union. Besides, Kennedy tried the pop-the-weasel thing with old Fidel as well, doncha know?

While we, the American people, were wrestling with these immense events, Mr. Kennedy was getting injections of speed-balls...a combination of uppers and downers...directly into the base of his spine...to "ease the pain" while he and his little Bro were wrestling with bimbos at the orgies in the White House swimming pool and of course with that Ho of Ho's, Marilyn Monroe. She's the one who got wasted on downers and booze and crooned "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to the delight of all the rich men who drooled at the thought of getting a piece of THAT action for themselves, doncha know?

Even JFK's one enduring triumph, the backing of Martin Luther King and the burgeoning civil rights movement was eventually polluted by big spending Liberal "programs" to "help" the poor, leading to the abominable government sponsored racism from which we STILL haven't recovered. While Colin Powell and Clarence Thomas were reaping the double edged "benefits" of affirmative action, the Black underclass sank deeper and deeper into poverty and despair. Meanwhile, White parents who wanted nothing more than a decent education for their children, had to battle the insanity of forced busing and all the other Liberal CEBBTO assaults on liberty led by crypto-fascists like...guess who?...Mr. Beachball himself, the Honorable Senior Senator from Massachusetts.

Then Kennedy got his head blown off in Dallas by one Lee Harvey Oswald and who-knows-how-many co-conspirators...the Kennedys had so many enemies by this time that it was difficult to sort them all out, doncha know? But, did the Kennedy heritage end there? Not a chance. Fed by media madness that was once confined to the British Royal family...and FROM which we THOUGHT we had escaped two centuries ago...the Kennedy family, with the aid of marvelously precious pictures of a young and clueless John-John Kennedy saluting his father's casket, began a mythology-manufacturing campaign that continues to this very day, aided and assisted by cynical editors and journalists who sold us ALL down the river in the process.

This crapology has survived any number of "crises" engendered by the seemingly endless capacity of the Kennedy spawn to do stupid and gross things. There is Ted Kennedy's brush with near death...for him...and REAL death for his female traveling companion at Chappaquiddick. Yet another Joe Kennedy had an automobile accident which resulted in the paralysis of HIS female passenger. Robert Jr., son of assassinated Number Three Son...those Kennedys sure know how to make enemies...got himself popped for drugs. Serve any time? Yah, right! Patrick got himself ADDICTED to cocaine...couldn't help himself, doncha know? There was that sticky baby sitter sex scandal...the ski slope tragic death...playing football on skis, doncha know? Gee, the list is getting long! But, not quite finished. There were those nasty allegations of rape concerning William Kennedy Smith. We mustn't discuss THAT, for he was acquitted, doncha know? Probably wealth and power didn't have a thing to do with THAT! To be sure...it was just good old American justice at work.

Contrast that last with the fate of Leonard Peltier, the man who was wrongly accused...with the full knowledge and cooperation of the ENTIRE establishment...of murdering two FBI agents at Wounded Knee...you know, that wondrous sewer where we banished our Native American Sioux brethren after they had the temerity to stand up to the blatant theft of their country. Those two men were killed BY THEIR OWN FBI BULLETS...friendly fire, doncha know? Peltier is into his twenty fifth year of a life sentence. But, hey, who wants to talk about dumb old Indians when we can discuss those glamorous, beautiful people in the Kennedy family?

We were going to call this article "Jar-Jar Kennedy," but Gypsy felt that it would be an insult to that cute-but-dumb character in the latest Star Wars release. So we decided to call it what it is, "A Judgement Call." It is OUR considered judgement, that at least since the rise of Joe Kennedy Sr....who at least had the good sense to get paid, and paid well for his evil deeds...almost none of the Kennedys has shown one iota of good judgement...about ANYTHING.

And, yes, that includes John-John as well, that cute little boy who grew into a handsome Prince...and whose bad judgement once again resulted in the deaths of female traveling companions, but at least THIS time, to his own as well. If we were the Bessettes, we would be VERY, VERY pissed!

Finally, there is the "burial at sea." BURIAL AT SEA!?? After spending zillions of taxpayer dollars to retrieve the corpses from the bottom of that same sea, the Kennedy Klan...and all the comics on TV who have scrupulously avoided making jokes about the Royal Family...see NO IRONY? Hey, guys, we found the public persona of John Kennedy Jr. as charming and lovable as anyone, but isn't the hero worship being carried a tad too far?

By the way, Gypsy, with the help of our son Roger, "researched" this article in the usual manner, by the simple expedient of discussing it with patrons at the low cost diner at which they both work. Their conclusion is that they can not figure out where the TV medium is GETTING all those sympathetic Kennedy sycophants to commiserate on camera. They sure don't live in our neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota, doncha know?

Talk to you later...

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