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How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?

Gypsy and Willy

No. 463

Occupy Cyber Space

A Whole Earth Spring

January 2, 2012


Did you find yourself in profound sympathy with the Arab Spring movement, the Chrysanthemum Revolution?  When the idea of a leaderless movement to protest income inequality called the Occupy Wall Street movement started up did you long to somehow participate?  When the movement spread across the USA and coincided with other protest movements in Europe and Asia did you feel there was something very big happening in the world?


Something big IS happening.  People everywhere are realizing that something is very wrong with government.  Some are protesting medieval conditions of oppression and violence.  Others find that despite having freedom they can’t find paying work and a way to live a reasonably happy life.  Even in economically advanced nations like the USA, it seems like some…we call it the 1%...are well off and have a say in how the country should be run, most…the other 99%...have relatively little power to affect anything at all.


Life is basically about survival…survival of the individual…the family…the nation and the world.  Yet, we live in a world where there is enough total food produced to feed everyone an adequate diet, but million of people are starving.  There is enough prosperity so that adequate shelter could be provided for every human being on the planet, but millions are homeless or live in dismal conditions.  Every person alive should have the freedom to pursue not just a life of bare survival, but relief from the distress of constant struggle, from a life filled with misery and despair.  We seek joy and love, not constant crisis and war.


We are not all equal nor will we ever be.  But each of us deserves equality of opportunity and basic human rights.  These rights, some of which some of us already enjoy…like freedom to say what we please, to worship as we wish, to be treated equally in the eyes of the law.  But, with a world so advanced and wealthy, we can now afford to extend these rights to the right to have food, shelter and protection from natural…and unnatural…misfortune, like ill health or violence.


What has happened instead is that governments…ALL governments…seem to evolve to a state where the golden rule changes from “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.” to “They that have the gold make the rules.”  Even in representative governments like our own in the USA, those who spend the most money are almost always the ones who are elected regardless of their ideology.  Morals and ethics have almost completely vanished or are lost in the shadow of wealth.


Do we or you have definitive answers to this problem?  Probably not.  What we do have is the ability to get together…everyone on earth…and talk about these things.  We can assemble in fairly large numbers in person to protest, but we can also assemble in cyber space in truly ENORMOUSLY large numbers to do the same.  We are no longer bound by physical boundaries, but only the boundaries of our collective imagination.


So, let’s just do it!  Let’s find a way to bring us all together in one gigantic protesting mass and demand that governments truly represent the people…ALL the people…and not just corporations and aristocracies.  One thing is for sure.  We are all in this together.  We need true democracy, not the pseudo-democracy of rigged elections, of bought and paid for government.


The Internet can provide this for us, but we…we ALL…need to figure out just how.  We, Gypsy and Willy and our close friends, have some ideas on how this can be done, but we need your ideas, your input, your cooperation and participation to make it happen.


Talk to you later…

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