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How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?

Gypsy and Willy

No. 462


December 21, 2011


At root, life is about survival…survival of the self…survival of the family… survival of the clan…survival of the city, state and country…survival of the human species…survival of the planet.  Some day, in the far distant future, it might even evolve to survival of the universe.


As civilization expands and progresses, these various levels of survival lead to ever new and varied realizations.  Survival of the self requires only food, shelter and protection against natural dangers.  Survival of the family requires other kinds of work and some sacrifice of time and energy, since youngsters require quite a bit of nurturing.  It also usually requires cooperation among the members of the family.


Survival of larger groupings depends on more detailed and abstract sacrifice and cooperation; sacrifice of ego and identity, sacrifice of the person and maybe sacrifice of the group.  Cooperation among small groups of people can depend upon unanimous consent.  Groups involving more than about 75 people demand a more structured organization with strong leadership, expanded knowledge and rules of behavior.  The last requires enforcement mechanisms. Civilization has tried many ways of realizing this organization, ranging from dictatorial leadership, divine right all the way to representative democracy.


Today we are on the brink of an entirely new form of organization, the “cyber-mob”.  For the first time in human history, anyone in the world is able…at least theoretically…to personally communicate with anyone else.  Not only is this possible, it is fast.  This has led to leaderless, anarchic and somewhat chaotic assemblages which can quickly form and disperse, depending on the circumstance.  Some of these alliances have unified purposes…many do not.  The Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street had agreed ends, the removal of tyrannical leaders and more equitable distribution of wealth, respectively.  The “riots” in England and other parts of Europe, although ostensibly concerning the lack of jobs for youth, also led to extensive organized looting and mayhem.


All had something in common.  Using the newfound freedom that cyber-space…the virtual world…offers, these new tools were used to try to obtain the “extras”…in addition to mere survival, that a prosperous and joyous life can provide…freedom to live with and love whomever you wish…freedom to banish hunger and homelessness…freedom to lead a purposeful and meaningful existence, however one defines this notion.

We come down on the optimistic side...that the cyber-mob... can and will lead eventually to world democratic government, universal disarmament, world peace.

In short:  SurvivalàFreedomàJoyàLoveàWorld Peace

Talk to you later...

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