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How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?

Gypsy and Willy

No. 460

How You Gonna Keep 'em Down on the Farm...?

February 23, 2010

The Roots of Violence:

Mohandas K. Gandhi

The quotation from Gandhi above says a lot about why violence erupts. What is missing is "motive"...toward what end is violence invoked? The short answer is "control" get people to do what you want them to do. Throughout the ages, two institutions have had a virtual monopoly on violence...organized religion and governments. The dawn of civilization identified as the beginnings of agriculture when, for the first time, people could produce a surplus of food. Ways were needed to protect those surpluses. The simplest and most direct method has always been violence. Since those beginnings, men and women who could attract others to do their violence for them extracted payment from those whose property they protected in the terms of goods and services. Thus, began government and taxes.

Those who were able to organize violence were regarded as demigods...probably at their own instigation. Thus began royalty complete with nepotism, the passage of privilege to ones offspring. At first, swords, clubs and axes were the "tools" of choice to keep the masses in line. Periodically, one or another crisis...mostly related to the weather like .floods and droughts forced people to organize to try to get the dominant powers-that-be to surrender some of their power...and food...back to the people. Sometimes the rulers gave in. More often, they banged heads to get the crowds under control. Of course, the advances in technology made the weapons of coercion ever more "efficient" and...frankly...ever more terrible. Warfare, usually against the people of other rulers, was the culmination of this trend. in war, organized masses of people would square off against one another and carry out incredible slaughters.

Jumping ahead to our current world culture, what is noteworthy is that the methods of control have become ever more subtle. Yes, so-called third world countries…led by royalty or self elected autocrats...still routinely resort to violence when the leaders decide that the people are getting "restless" or dissatisfied. However, the inception of the Internet has made it increasingly difficult...has raised the price...of doing so. Now, instead of "calming" the people down, the instant spread of news often makes the situation worse...for the rulers. The recent events in Egypt have brought this message home to each and every person in the world and instilled a big time scare in EVERY ruler who depends upon control to maintain his or her wealth and privilege.

But, what about those more subtle methods. What are they?

Religion: Religion is still quite active in the control game. Rulers long ago noted that the promises of heaven and eternal life...if you are "good"...can be just as effective controlling people as head-banging. Not as fast, but just as successful. Watching full grown adults...who claim they believe in fairy tales...surrender their personal freedom to ruling elites may seem quaint to atheists like Gypsy and Willy, but from the point of view of the rulers, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." So, God bless you everyone !

Nationalism: There's that competition thing again. Don't pay any attention to the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. Instead focus on those "others," the ones who want to take away everything you have. They may live on the other side of the world, but you just can't trust those guys. They worship "false" gods and engage in all sorts of uncivilized behavior. The rulers, on the other hand, long ago decided to cooperate. Deals between "enemies" are routinely crafted in secret. Mubarak and a whole line of US presidents have made this point crystal clear. They and their lackeys, when caught with their hands in the till or having made "deals with the devil" can state with straight faces that Mubarak and those like him have been a "good friend."

HUH ! ! !

To whom? Certainly not to his own people. They finally had enough. They braved armed thugs and risked their lives demanding freedom. Then to us, the people of the US? It's hard to see how Egypt and Israel making a shaky deal not to kill one another does anything special for us. Note that the rulers of those two countries under no circumstance actually take part in the violence. The day when kings led their troops into battle is long gone. Today's rulers watch it all on TV...or the the comfort of their homes and offices. So the secret deal must have brought some benefit to the rulers. For Israel and Egypt the incentive was plain. Money. Lot's and lot's of money. Our elected leaders, fearing the almost inevitable electoral revolt by American Zionists and Zionist sympathizers . After all in a representative democracy, the only way to keep power is to get re-elected.

War: War has the side effect of giving cover to the rulers to revoke our "natural" rights by declaring a state of "national emergency." It usually stated to be temporary. In Egypt that temporary state of affairs lasted THIRTY YEARS. It's somewhat shorter in the "developed" world, but, hey, 9/11 happened a decade ago and our congress is just now CONSIDERING either revoking the "emergency" or watering it down. So war is GREAT for the rulers...not so great for those who fight and die.

We think it is time for a peaceful global democratic revolution. Our government and giant corporations accept globalization heart and soul, smiling all the way to the bank as they exploit a commodity...wherever it is cheapest. They don't worry one bit about religion, nationalism or war. They do whatever they need to do to preserve THEIR privilege. However, they certainly invoke those ideas on your behalf. So, ask yourself: "Are they really acting in our benefit, or are they just trying to make us keep our moths shut?" You decide.

Our next blog will outline the economic situation that will soon plunge the world into chaos. It will also give insight to why we, Gypsy and Willy. are libertarians rather than liberals. We think government is almost always part of the problem, seldom part of the solution. That MUST change. Or we, the people of planet Earth will NEVER have peace.

Talk to you later...

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