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How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?

Gypsy and Willy

No. 459

The Language of Peace

February 17, 2010

The language of peace? You wonder what that might be? Well, we certainly experience the language of war...almost daily, as a matter of fact. Any American born after about 1935 has encountered many real wars as well as government policies couched in the language of war, various metaphors referring directly or indirectly to war. There was Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty. Many presidents participated in the War of Drugs. Both these efforst have failed miserably. Indeed, since WWII, our experience with war, real or virtual has been sad. Korea was judged a "tie." But, for the 33,688 young men who died in battle in the conflict, it certainly was NOT a tie, but rather a loss of EVERYTHING. Then there was Viet Nam and the current two wars. Yet, despite these abject failures, we not only continue to make war, but also continue to use the language of war in all our other endeavors as politics, academics, athletics...even romance.

So, isn't it about time we examine and start using the language of peace? Here is our take on what that really might be.

Cooperation instead of competition: But wait. Isn't competition the heart and soul of free enterprise? Well, yes and no. Adam Smith long ago established least in the first phases of the rise of a new technology...that competition is the quickest and surest path to prosperity and productivity. However, a century later, Karl Marx observed and reported on the dark side of competition. Since there are winners and losers in every competition, what happens to the losers? They either vanish or are absorbed by the winners. This leads eventually and without fail to monopolies...or more likely, oligopolies. Attendant to this development is rampant corruption and government malfeasance, which we are experiencing in vast amounts during the current era.

Furthermore, there really is no evidence suggesting that cooperation will not produce equally impressive gains in productivity and wealth. In non-commercial enterprises...take the recent revolts in Tunisia and Egypt...non-violence and cooperation paid off BIG TIME for the participants.

Similarities rather than differences: Warfare emphasizes our differences rather than our similarities. Yet as mutual survivors of three billion years of evolution, all of us are much more similar than we are different. However, if you look at human relationships that way, it is difficult to really get serious about "doing in" your competitive adversaries. In Egypt, millions of people of all sorts of religions and economic statuses came together in a common cause. They ALL wanted freedom and felt that cooperating was the best way to get it.

Compassion versus indifference: In warfare, it is best not to ponder the humanity of the person shooting at you from over the hill. Your job is to kill him (or her) before he (or she) kills you first. However, in peace, there is much more room for empathy towards those less fortunate or simply in need of help. Rather than seeing someone else's misfortune as an opportunity for you to advance, you are more likely to want to assist that person.

Transparency instead of secrecy: This may be the most insidious of the dark side of competition. It is vital in a competitive situation...most notably if at keep your strategy and tactics from your "enemy"...your opponent. Anything that gives you a competitive advantage, whether it is hardware or software, must be held close to the vest. Yet, in a peaceful world, what would be the point of keeping anything secret, except, perhaps, to heighten the surprise of a gift.

In short, the language of peace emphasizes getting along. Period. Will nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction be outlawed and destroyed if we do NOT shift away from the language and practice of war? We have consistently stated that it is obvious that a worldwide democratic revolution leading to a world government will actually accomplish this transformation. What's stopping this from happening? Our next blog will deal with just how the wealthy and powerful keep us "in line" despite the fact that they already accept cooperation and transparency at the highest levels.

Talk to you later...

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