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How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?

Gypsy and Willy

No. 458


May 31, 2010

Finally, we arrive at the bottom line. We hope that we have convinced you that a worldwide revolution is necessary in order to save the world and ourselves and that it will never be initiated "at the top." Now it is time to talk about how it can be accomplished. We...all of us who regularly take part in group activities on the Net...are already starting to do what is necessary. Talk to one another. Communicate.

But they cheap. Sooner or later we will have to act as well. When we do, the most important thing to keep in mind is cooperation. That is, we need to overlook our differences and accentuate the positive things we can do together. Does this mean we favor communism...from each according to his anilities and to each according to his needs...the communist "dream" as historically laid out be Marx in the nineteenth century? Yes and no. No, if you mean the coercive "one size fits all" approach of the so-called communist nations in the twentieth century. Yes, if you mean the voluntary collective decision, by a huge majority...more than five sixths of the people, say... to bring this dream to reality...somehow and by choice. The key word is "voluntary." As far as coercion is concerned...been there, done that. It does not work. Once given the option of freedom of choice, of voluntarily entering agreements with others to cooperate, it is hard to retreat. The other alternative, doing only what you are allowed to do by your masters is old and dying. They have proved, time and again, that they do NOT know what is best for us, only that we can be controlled by fear and greed, guns and butter.

Again, much is already being done on the Net and other media which have embraced the Net. Whistle blowers, those who point out particular acts of corruption, are growing in number very rapidly. All media are beginning to resemble the Daily Show with Jon Stewart in that the high and mighty are regularly brought down with laughter and ridicule as they play their terminally corrupt games. It's a good trend. Encourage it.

Protests against war, discrimination, greed and corruption...those acts that benefit the few at the expense of the many...are VERY good. The larger they grow, the better. There is nothing quite so intimidating to the rulers as the sight of a million people or so gathering in common cause. The culmination of the protest movements...which always disrupt the general flow of business as the general strike. When the people as a whole feel that it is time for the system to be changed in a revolutionary fashion, stopping all work until that goal is accomplished, is the final act in a non-violent revolution.

Meanwhile, other positive acts can take place, using the Net as an organizing tool. For example, how about a "Declaration of Independence" for the entire human race? The U.S. DOI is a good starting point, but events that have occurred since the late eighteenth century suggest that it needs revision. Or, how about calling a constitutional convention, wherein people "elected" on the Net get person or more likely map out a blueprint for the coming revolution? We need to decide what things should be rights and what things privileges. We need a structure for the legislative, executive and judicial branches of our proposed governmental system. The role of the individual and of the collective need to be spelled out. Some sort of true democracy should be tried. We like proxy democracy...but what do YOU think?

The key issues that we fear, that could derail any attempt at peaceful revolution, are the voices that cry out "it can't be done"..."it will NEVER happen"...or, worst of all "we NEED war, we NEED individual greed, these things have been with us forever and will never go away because they are essential human nature." However, the next time someone tells you that, ask them if they want THEIR children to fight and die in wars. Ask them if its OK for THEIR children and grandchildren to go without so that someone else can get obscenely rich? Always ask WHO is it that benefits from a system. If it is not everyone, if it is not a complete win-win system, then it has got to be wrong.

We think that the "truths" we have mapped out in this series of blogs are self evident and obvious. We further believe that although most people probably disagree with us in part or as a the won't be long until they too see the light. That light, at the end of the tunnel of human history, is getting brighter every day. It will result in a world democratic revolution. Indeed, it has already begun. We have the means. All we need is the will. Let's first prepare for it. Then, let's do it.

Talk to you later...

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