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No. 457

Proxy Democracy

May 24, 2010

In our last blog, we introduced the notion of proxy democracy. In such a system, each person would have the right to vote on any issue before the legislative body...would actually constitute the legislative body...which in the case of world democracy, would consist of every adult living human being on earth. Of course, having representatives voting in our behalf makes sense to most people most of the time. The problem is that we only get to elect new people every so often, two years for representiatives, six years for senators. Those in parliamentary democracies may choose more often, but relics of monarchy like Britain's House of Lords...a body with lifetime tenures for its denizens...remain to sour the broth.

The delegation of the vote to representatives would be absolutely conditional and could be changed at any time. This would completely replace the current political class, the power-elite who actually rule us, with a new and much more volatile political class consisting of those who can hang on to the support of those for whom they are the proxy. Since the individual people can each choose to vote for themselves on any particular issue, such a system would be truly democratic. It amounts to the initiative and recall on steroids. How could such rapid-fire system be implemented? You're reading this blog on the "answer trechnology" right this minute.

But what about the ill aspects of "mob" rule? How to prevent miscarriages of justice like the Swiss law outlawing minarets or the Arizona law ramping up the pressure on "illegals"...or at least those who look like they MIGHT be be stopped, questioned and detained...much like the "your papers please" laws which cursed occupied Europe during World War II. Well, both of these laws were popular at their time of inception and might have been written by ANY legislative body. But not TOO popular. The secret to correcting such abuses lies in another radical notion, flexible sunset clauses on ALL laws. A sunset provision is an automatic termination date for a law. By setting these periods short for laws that barely receive a majority and longer for those that are increasingly more popular, you would give the dissenting parties time to convince the main populace to reverse the law, or simply let it die. Laws that pass by less than a two thirds majority would have to be reviewed annually. Two thirds to three quarters would get a three year life...say. Three quarters to four fifths, ten years, four fiths to five sixths, twenty years and any law passed with more than five sixths of the voting public would never have to be reviewed, but could of course be reversed anyway. Such a system would not prevent stupid laws, but only give them a chance to die a deserved death in the not too distant future. Our current systems tend to produce ever thicker law books, ever more complex trials and a huge amount of corruption, since only the lawyers and political class are benefitted by it. The rest of us are mainly simply confused.

Proxy democracy could remove the power of money from the equation. Bribing a handful of representatives or senators is relatively cheap. Bribing the millions of people they represent is beyond the means of even the most wealthy corporations or pressure groups. The Net is already untethered. A proxy democracy would free all the rest to actually serve the interests of the people, by entertaining AND informing them. But couldn't unscruplous participants use those same media to misinform and mislead? Well, they could certainly try. Once, however, we fully grasp the power of the Internet...this rudimentary nervous system for the entire will become much harder to fool us. Indeed, it already is becoming more difficult for that very reason.

Note that in a proxy democracy ALL power is vested in the government, since the people ARE the government. This is currently the main bugaboo of the political right, that government never seems to be as efficient as "private enterprise"and so government power should be minimized. However, in every exisiting government, it is way too late to talk about minimal government. So it is time to make government MORE efficient and responsive to the people, not just tear them down. The day for anarchism is long past.

That only a very small class is currently served by the system reminds us why the this class will NEVER allow such change if they are the ones making the decision. No ruling class has EVER voluntarily given up its power. That is why revolution is so necessary.

But, the day for violent revolution has passed. The ruling powers have a nearly total monoply on the weapons of violence, despite the U.S. second amendment guaranteeing individiuals the right to keep and bear arms. Guns are great intimidators, but the guns of today are not the guns of the Old West. One tank, one Humvee with a mounted 50 caliber machine gun, one jet fighter bomber, one attack helicopter...can neutralize a very large group of lightly armed people and right now, the governments of the world own almost all of these weapons. Then there are atomic weapons and other WMDs. You say no Western nation would EVER use such weapons against its own people? Ri-i-i-ight!

So how to get there from here? The very problems mentioned in previous blogs, those same problems which we confidently predict will NOT be seriously addressed by our current rulers, will do part of the job. They will create numerous disasters which will thoroughly engage the powers that be, while we, the people, begin to craft our very own democratic solutions on this very medium. The meme for world revolution was planted on the Net long ago, but it has not yet gone viral. We confidently predict that it will within just a few years as the world situation detriorates.

Our final blog, due next Monday, will discuss the one technique that will be of most use to us in this struggle. Proxy democracy is one possible approach...we think it is a good one...but ultimately we will have to decide, as a group, how to move on. The great secret, the one thing we have over the ruling classes, is numbers. There are many more of us than there are of them. If we cooperate...and that is the bottom line "if"...if we cooperate then we can not be stopped by tanks or rockets or even atomic bombs.

Talk to you later...

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