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How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?

Gypsy & Willy

No. 447

Now, the World

March 6, 2009

This is the last in our current series of blogs. Hope you enjoyed and were stimulated by them.

As you read through our recommendations for real change in the current situation, we hope you noticed that the probability of any of these radical changes taking place soon in the U.S. or in any other single nation is little to none. Our current crop of leaders is very unlikely to surrender their power to us, the people. Instead, they will hang on for dear life to the privileges they have obtained by being elected or having fought hard to achieve.

The solution, we believe, lies in secular democratic world government, based on a set of principles like those we have outlined. Many problems, most significantly war and global warming have no solution outside of global solutions. The "commons dilemma" wherein the interests of individual "users" of the commons...what we share...are in conflict to the interests of the group. Experience and experimental evidence both suggest that in such cases, the wishes of the individuals will triumph despite destroying the commons in the process. This is as true of states as it is people. It is illogical, but true.

More positively, we think it is time...right now...for the people of the world to unite in their entirety to demand real democracy, real freedom and real change. The medium to facilitate this union already exists and is apparently impossible to control by governments. You're using it this very minute to read this article. So, we have the means and the motive. We lack only the will.

Obviously this level of change is going to require a revolution. That revolution CAN NOT BE VIOLENT! The governments...and thus their leaders...have an enormous advantage when it comes to weapons of violence. Asymmetric warfare, like that being used by so-called terrorist organizations and guerilla forces can go only so far in defeating a determined enemy. The problem for them is not their determination, which is usually very high, or their lack of weaponry. It is rather convincing the population that what they are fighting for is worth the sacrifices that warfare brings. For example, were the U.S. NOT...by OUR terrorism... recruiting Islamicist forces to fight against us, how many of you think that a medieval Islamic Caliphate would be preferable to a world democratic unified state to most people in our world? Even most people of Islamic faith...despite disapproving of the past actions of Western nations...see the Islamicist dream to be an unachievable and undesireable fantasy.

So, violent revolution is probably not in the cards. Nor is any "white knight" nation going to step in and give freedom and democracy to us...no matter what the Bushite imperialists claim. What does that leave us?

Oh, yes, we do have one very powerful weapon. It's not technically violent, but the ruling classes may differ in that assessment. It's the general strike. Introduced as a revolutionary "weapon" in the late nineteenth century by a labor movement called syndicalism. It was used somewhat successfully in the first Russian revolution in 1905 against the rule of the Czar. It has been part of every successful revolt in modern history.

Imagine this. Suppose half the world's workers decide to strike against all governments simultaneously, demanding a secular world democratic government. While supporting one another, they would completely withdraw their labor from producing almost all other goods and services. Suppose further, that most members of the armies support this strike, so they can not be used to suppress it with force. How long do you think the leaders would hold out? Then, it's all over but the shouting...

Talk to you later...

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