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How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?

Gypsy & Willy

No. 444

Time for REAL Change

March 3, 2009

President Obama promised real change during his campaign. He said that the policies of the right...if you want to call the Bush administration's fiscal policies right wing...are the policies that got us into the jam we are in right now. So, what does he propose? Forgetting that the thirties depression was "saved" by World War II, he decides to use the only slightly successful policies of that era one more time. The Pooblioobs are certain that he will fail and they are probably right. The Demidupes, on the other hand, flush from their recent electoral victory, are frothing at the mouth for more government "solutions."

So what IS to be done?

Not liberal tax-and-spend nor conservative spend and...well...spend some more, mostly on war. Not saving the rich so they can start investing again. Saving firms too big to fail also will not work. Even giving tidbits of cash to the rest of us is destined to fail. The crisis is just too broad and too deep. So, it is time for a little socialism. Not the fake socialism of the liberals, nor the dreaded Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist/Maoist so the twentieth century, but some balls-to-the-wall socialism that recognizes the free market capitalism is OVER.

Does that mean we think all aspects of society, economics and politics should be socialized? Not a chance. The so-called communist countries have demonstrated during the last century that this does not work either. But, here's some startup ideas:

These are just a few things that would amount to REAL change. In future essays, we will continue to discuss other real change, with the emphasis on the political and social issues as well as the economic. Stay tuned.

Talk to you later...

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