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How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?

Gypsy & Willy

No. 438

We're Ba-a-a-ck

July 14, 2008

Regular readers of this column must have noted that we have not been publishing new columns for some time, none whatsoever in almost a year. How come? Willy has been engaged in a heavy effort to upgrade the Dream Machine collection of Web sites and raise our traffic levels. Gypsy devotes hours daily to investigating FaceBook...the latest and greatest group-formation Web site. Willy has been modestly successful, more than doubling our traffic in the last year and tripling the number of unique visitors that visit one of our sites each month.

However, in many ways, Gypsy's work has been both more interesting and more productive. She has 400+ friends on FaceBook from over 70 countries. She communicates frequently with all of them, in order to somehow figure out the what's happening in the world. What she has discovered is that people...everywhere...are profoundly pessimistic about the future. The United States' economic problems are cascading around the world, since so many other economies are heavily dependent upon ours. Global warming also appears to be negatively impacting many areas...causing severe droughts in some locations, floods and storms in others. Wars and oppression raise their demon heads depressingly often. Even areas with astonishing growth of prosperity are in trouble. Some, like India and China, are seeing enormous pollution problems caused by super rapid economic growth. Others, like Dubai and the U.A.E. are foundering in the wake of the fall in the value of the U.S. dollar and over-optimistic development plans.

So what is to be done? You know our answer. World democratic revolution. We can not believe that peace, prosperity and the management of humanity's impending problems can be achieved in the absence of a strong world government. As long as the temptation exists for one state or another to profit from the losses of others, as long as those who do not speak your language or share your skin color are viewed as "aliens" or "others"...rather than brothers and sisters in a single globally encompassing nation...things can only get worse.

As this year passes its mid-point, the U.S. is involved in its quadrennial dog-and-pony show called the presidential election. This one...with viable candidates representing women, people of color and the elderly waged the most expensive primary contest in history...promises to be historic...in some sense. However, as all candidates except those in third parties move toward the "center"...that place where nothing matters except getting elected...it also looks to be just more of the same old same-old.

We hope that a change of leadership at the helm will change things substantially whichever candidate wins and it appears so does everyone else. We fear, however, that little will actually change, at least for the better. The wealth squandered by the waging of imperial adventures will not be available for "progressive" innovations, like universal health care. Nor will it be there for very much needed infrastructure improvements. Our children and grandchildren already are nearing despair on the prospects for their futures. One friend, who is campaigning for Obama in California told us that she was approached by a twenty something woman...well dressed and well manicured...in all appearances a young republican...who asked if Obama could really bring change since, otherwise, she did not expect to live to be thirty!

We have thus decided to devote all future columns to the subject of world revolution. The competition among political bloggers...among whom we count ourselves...the competition in the TV and Internet media communities to see who can publish or broadcast the next "zinger"...those irrelevancies that so dominate our political discourse during the dog days of presidential races...that competition is so heavy that we have decided to opt out of it entirely and devote our attention and our column to the world and to furthering world revolution.

One note concerning the upcoming election. In Minnesota, Al Franken...noted comedian and satirist...is running for the Senate seat now held by Norm Coleman, one of Bush's sock puppets. On this very day, on Larry King Live, Jesse Ventura is set to announce whether he too will enter that fray as a third party candidate. You know what? If he does, he could win. In any case, he has two sure votes at our house.

Talk to you later...

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