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How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?

Gypsy & Willy

No. 414


January 24, 2005

We're back. For the past couple of years, Willy has been occupied by returning to school seeking a Ph.D. in computer science, while Gypsy has been polishing her skills as a photographer, hoping to become the Grandma Moses of photography. This is to explain the dearth of essays published by us during this time. But, the recent inauguration of George W. Bush to his second...and we feel disastrous...term as President has motivated us to once again bring back our writing and punditry skills to the Web.

Why now? Well, for years we have been stating that society has entered a revolutionary stage, brought about mainly by the Internet. Now it is time to apply that revolution to politics, world-wide. Having been brought back into contact with the very young by our other endeavors...those in the age group of our oldest grandchildren...our spirits have been buoyed, our optimism restored, by the wonderful nature of this fresh, hopeful new generation.

Our political instincts tell us that revolution is brewing. While the last election was cast by the mainstream media as a battle between the left and the right, we did not perceive it that way at all. What we saw instead was an outpouring of disgust toward the candidates of both parties. Tired of being constantly lied to, of having our children's lives and taxpayer dollars squandered on machinery of war, but also an endless parade of handouts to corporate America and the very rich, most people...whether they voted for Kerry or Bush or none-of-the-above...were casting their votes for the lesser-evil, but evil indeed...and this choice was much narrower than the cowardly press and television commentators believed. Instead those commentators hid behind endless and pointless discussions of "religious values," whether weapons of mass destruction existed or not, whether the government's War on Terror was succeeding or not, whether homosexuals should be allowed to marry. They failed to notice that there was not a dime's worth of difference between the two major parties or their chosen candidates.

But we didn't. While Wolf Blitzer and Dan Rather pretended not to be advocates of business-as-usual, studiously ignoring the largess of our leaders toward the rich, pointedly overlooking the rush of globalization and what it is doing to the poor and unemployed, we, the people, couldn't help but notice that while the children of the non-white and less well-to-do were being blown to pieces in Iraq, the establishment mucky-mucks were partying on. The inauguration, funded by forty million dollars gratefully donated by the recipients of all that greasy pork was merely the last straw.

So it is time for us to get together and come up with a better way, a more modern and extensive democracy, a truly more perfect union. Along those lines, we personally remain committed to a completely non-violent approach, since the alternative, in the age of WMD, is simply stupid. It must not only include those like us, who focus on freedom in all aspects of life with government limited to its bare essentials, but also those who see America going to Hell in a hand-basket both from the left and from the right, who want government to have a part in facing ALL important issues, not just wage "war" on this and that.

It is time for a renewed commitment to religious values...whatever your religion or lack thereof...since all religions have, at their core, answers to the fundamental question that has always dogged humankind...how to live the good life.

It is time for a sharp revision of our attitudes toward drug abuse, marriage and child rearing, education, and, of course, warfare. In short, it is a time for unity. To unite the world, starting here at home, we must first and foremost re-learn how to compromise. In the weeks to follow, we will put forward our two cents on how some of the major issues of contention in our society can be resolved. But, to be successful, a revolutionary organization...for which we propose the name Unity...must involve people from all stripes of life, from all age, racial, ethnic and religious groups, from all nations. So, our very first essay on the subject...due next Monday...will deal with an extended view of democracy.

Talk to you later...

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