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A Short History of Backgammon 6.0

Learn Backgammon the Dreamagic Way

Currently available backgammon software online:

Backgammon640 (640x480 pixel board)
Backgammon480 (480x360 pixel board)
Backgammon320 (320x240 pixel board)

To find out about the rules of the game, visit

BGRulesBackgammon Rules Game --- Backgammon games website where you can gain online information for backgammon game rules, history, tips, instructions and start playing backgammon confidently.

For other online play...especially if you want to play for money against other people...the place to go is , the largest Backgammon room on the planet. There you will find people playing at all skill levels. If you play our BOT for a while first, you will be VERY well prepared to take anybody on! Also, Play65 has prepared special bonuses for us to offer you besides the usual $5 introductory offer. In order to receive them, you should include the following secret codes when you sign up at . Use the banner link below and don't forget to include our secret code with any deposits you make. (Secret code in bold type)

Now you can play Backgammon offline with the version of Willy Chaplin's game program that was written especially for Gypsy. Those of you who have played against her online, know how very, very well she plays. For almost two decades, the only backgammon opponent she played against was this program. By the time she eventually started playing human opponents, her game was already world class. Over the years, she is the only person we know of who can beat this program a majority of games. The author, Willy Chaplin, STILL can not!

If you want to get the program immediately, send $10.50 to gypsy@dreamagic.com at PayPal. You can make the order quickly by clicking the credit card image below and we will send it to you via email attachment.

The program is an MSDOS program written in assembly language, the closest language to the one the machine actually uses, so it is small and plays very fast. It also places bets more skillfully in this version than the online version.

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