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Backgammon 6.0

Backgammon 6.0

The applet above will allow you to play backgammon against either another person (locally) or against the computer. When playing with two people, one should use the mouse and the other the keyboard. A person playing against the computer may use either the mouse or the keyboard interchangeably. Originally, you will be asked to choose among three variations of players (the remote variation is not yet implemented) and three variations of games..."no betting" (that is, the cube is not used), "match" (using standard backgammon rules, including the "Crawford Game" rule, which says that for one game only, if one player has only one more point to win the match, betting is not allowed) and "standard" which simply accumulates the scores of each player. Note: When using the keyboard to enter data into windows, use the Tab key to move from one window to the next and the Space Bar to hit "buttons" (after selecting the button with the Tab key).

The dice are played left to right. If you wish to reverse the order, click on the dice or hit "X." However, if you are moving from a point for which only the second die is a valid move, the dice will automatically reverse before the move is taken. Piece moves are made by either clicking on the point from which the piece is to be moved or by entering the point number of the point from which you are moving. Leading zeroes MUST be entered. If only the mouse is being used, the numbers of the points will not be displayed. As soon as a number key is hit, the numbers will appear. To enter from the bar, either click on the bar, or by hitting "B." If you are using the numerical pad, you must set the NumLock key. You will be reminded if you forget.

There are four buttons which will appear from time to time, labeled "Replay," "Retake," "Reject" and "Restart." The "Replay" button will allow you to view your opponent's last move again (and again and again...), if you push it at the start of your next move. The "Retake" button is used to take back a move and start it over. This can also be done from the keyboard by hitting "Esc," "N" or "R." "Reject," rejects a double which can also be done by hitting "R" or "N." Doubling is fone with the mouse by clicking on the cube or by hitting "D" from the keyboard. To accept a double, either click on the cube or hit "A" or "Y" on the keyboard. "Restart" will restart the game after first asking you if you are sure you wish to do this. Questions that can be answered "Yes" or "No" are answered by hitting "Y" or "N" on the keyboard.

Otherwise, the game is mostly self explanatory. Enjoy!

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