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What Do You Think of the USA?

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Note from The Dream Machine --- The Imagination of the World Wide Web...:

This site is meant to be written by people who are NOT citizens of the USA and read mostly by our own citizens. We at The Dream Machine have noticed that many US residents think of the World Wide Web as our exclusive province and ignore the fact that this is far from the truth. In these turbulent times, it is also true that the United States have been raising the ire of people all over the world as well as fulfilling our tradiitonal role of inspiration and stimulation of "good" ideas. So, we have created this site to give non-US persons a place where they can vent, in the new tradition of the Internet blog...or Web Log. All submissions will be published in English, but we solicit volunteer translators to render non-English submissions into English. We are NOT soliciting a particular type of opinion. We are looking for the good, the bad and the ugly opinions, but most importantly, YOUR opinions! Instead on relying upon the pundits and other self appointed arbiters of opinion, we want the RAW opinions of real people, living real lives in their non-US locations.

All of this will take a while to get started and to mature, so bear with us as we experiment. For now there will be only one rule: to be published on this site, you MUST NOT be a US citizen! We suggest that you use a "user name" rather than your real name, for both your protection and ours, and we will NOT publish or give away your email addresses to any third party under any circumstances. One US tradition with which we wholeheartedly agree is freedom of speech, which was embodied in the very first amendment to our constitution. So, whatever the rules are where you live, the rule on this site is ANYTHING GOES, you can say, and we will publish more-or-less intact, anything your come up with. We say "more-or-less" since will will edit your text and try to correct spelling and grammar errors, in case you have a little trouble writing in English, but we will try to preserve both the meaning and style of your submissions.

Editors' Note: If you plan to submit blogs, read these rules and suggestions carefully first! We also provide a form to assist you in entering your blogs.


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