Learn to Solve Sudoku the Dreamagic Way
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Learn to Solve Sudoku the Dreamagic Way

The "Automatic Translation" button above will render a translation of the pages of this site from English into one of a number of other languages. At this time, you can not also solve the puzzle that way, but must revert back to the English version to do so. We hope to solve this programming puzzle soon!

The "Instructions" button leads to some basic help pages that explain the use of the various functions invoked with the function keys...or by the icons at the left of the puzzle display. It may not be very useful to a novice Sudoku puzzle solver, but will prove very useful after you have gained a little familiarity with the puzzles and this program.

We will soon be adding a "Tutorial" button which will give a much more detailed explanation...and helpful to new solvers...of how to solve puzzles at various levels of difficulty.

Puzzle Starting Form

If you wish to solve a particular puzzle, enter its ID number below. If you leave this blank, the program will select one at random for you. Do NOT put commas in the number.

Form Number:

There are four levels of difficulty, from "Simple" to "Extremely Difficult". If you are new to Sudoku, choose "Simple". You should consider yourself an expert to choose "Extremely Difficult".

Level of Difficulty:

Extremely Difficult

The size of the layout depends on the the size of your monitor. If you do not know its size in pixels, choose "small" although "medium" will fit on almost all monitors as well.

Size of Board:

Small - 462x394 pixel layout
Medium - 674x574 pixel layout
Large - 878x754 pixel layout

Please send your comments and suggestions to the author, Willy Chaplin at:
willy@dreamagic.com (Willy Chaplin)