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How to Translate Your Site

How to Translate Your Web Site

You want to know how to automatically translate your web site from English to any one of 16 other languages in real time? It's really quite simple. Copy and paste the following code...with substitutions for the portions in square brackets...somewhere in the HTML page you wish to translate.

<TABLE BORDER=5><TR BGCOLOR=CCE6FF ALIGN=CENTER> <TD><A HREF=http://www.dreamagic.com/cgi-bin/TransGen1.cgi?type=[name_of_the_page_to_translate]&html=[absolute html address]><IMG SRC=http://www.dreamagic.com/button_red_MT.gif></A></TD> </TR></TABLE>

For [name_of_the_page_to_translate], replace it with the name of the page to be translated with underscores substituted for spaces.

In the case of [absolute HTML address], replace it with the complete HTML URL of the page you wish to translate.

For example,

<TABLE BORDER=5><TR BGCOLOR=CCE6FF ALIGN=CENTER> <TD><A HREF=http://www.dreamagic.com/cgi-bin/TransGen1.cgi?type=How_to_Translate_Your_Site&html=http://www.dreamagic.com/HowToTranslate.html><IMG SRC=http://www.dreamagic.com/button_red_MT.gif></A></TD> </TR></TABLE>

will translate the very page you are now reading.

Go ahead, try it!

Write us if you have any problems or just to tell us how it worked out for you.