Learn to Play Freecell the Dreamagic Way
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Learn to Play Freecell the Dreamagic Way

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The image below is a replica of the Microsoft program Freecell, as bundled with XP and previous versions of Microsoft's operating system. It is mostly functional, playing much like the original with a few differences. First of all, neither the "Options" nor the "Statistics" menu choices are operational since they are mostly irrelevant for teaching the game. We are also keeping track of neither the number of cards left to play nor your "score" in percentage of games solved on the first try. The "help" function...never much help anyway...was also left out.

The original game places the cursor on the default choice when a popup window appears. This version, because of the JAVA rules for applets, does not control the cursor (which would allow strange mischief to take place on your machine!) but rather, in the most common cases, moves the popup window to the cursor.

The game numbers do not correspond to the numbers used by Microsoft's version and the "windows" are not really windows...but rather are just images...so the controls on the upper right corner do not work. However, if you want to replay a game, the number at the top will bring up the same game again. Below the program, there are a number of links to the teaching pages. If you are new to this game, start with Lesson #1. If you have played it before, you can start with Lesson #2 although Lesson #1 does explain how to use all the controls.

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